Karla Gachet

Salasaca, Tungurahua, ECUADOR

During the fiesta of Caporales there is a day called the 'Day of the white men' when gangs of men, their faces painted white, take women's underwear off by force and parade it around the town. They are called the 'Blancos' and are representing the conquering Spanish. The fiesta enacts various ritual representations that allude to the region's history. These include the Spanish conquest, slaves brought by the Spanish, cowboys from the coast and the indigenous culture and people. During the fiesta some men aggressively kiss women and try to touch the intimate parts of women's bodies, supposedly reenacting how women were mistreated at the time of the Spanish conquest. Throughout the fiesta the participants run along dirt paths that connect sacred places, where they dance and play traditional music.

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Karla Gachet
Salasaca, Tungurahua
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