Noriko Hayashi

Tokyo, Japan

Eiko Aoki, 61, washes her hands after using a toilet booth in the women's bathroom at a department store near her home. In this department store, the toilet is called a 'switch room' to describe a special place where people can switch their mood and feel relaxed. The facilities are spacious with soft lighting, WiFi access, 3D surround music, a heated seat and washlet/electric toilet seats that spray water, for washing anal and genital cleansing. The sound concept of this bathroom is 'world fantasy'. Each individual room has a unique design and concept such as 'amazon', 'aurora' and 'forest'. Eiko, a house wife in Tokyo, says: 'Since this department store is close to my home, I often come here for shopping. When I was a child, the public toilet was not clean and most of the time did not smell good. But now every time I use a public toilet in Tokyo, it is very clean and has washlets. I, myself, use a toilet with a washlet and a heated seat fitted in my home almost 25 years ago'. Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) and Panos Pictures have documented women and girls and their toilet facilities in 20 countries across every continent to build a visual representation of the day-to-day reality and the effect this has on their lives, both positive and negative. Having access to a safe toilet facility can equal dignity, safety, education, employment and status. My Toilet: Global Stories from Women and Girls will be exhibited at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London from 17th to 22nd November 2014.

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Noriko Hayashi
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