Martin Roemers


Elena Griczienko (German, born in USSR, 1939), blinded during the Second World War (WWII). "I was too small to remember the train journey. I only know it through my mother. The German army in the Ukraine approached the Donbas region where we lived and because we were ethnic Germans, the Soviets relocated us to Kazakhstan. We had one night to pack our things. My father was killed in the Finnish-Russian war in 1939 so I went with my mother. The journey lasted two months. We were put in a railway carriage together with cattle. There was almost nothing to eat and I was sick. It was December. I got frostbite, first on my legs and then in the eyes. In the spring I became blind. Once in Kazakhstan, my mother had to look after cattle in the kolkhoz in Sewjerni. We Germans were not allowed to leave our village until 1955. After that I could attend a school for the blind in the city. Like all the other blind girls, I became a seamstress. I made mattresses. I met my husband in the music school. The upbringing of our three children was difficult but I have done it well. Do you know what I would like? To be able to see my children for a minute or even a second."

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Martin Roemers
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