Chris de Bode

Torodi, Niger

Hassana Hima Hama, 15, (R) and her friend Safiya Soumaila, 23, are cousins and also best friends.Hassana says: 'I went to school until the 5th grade but stopped when there was not enough money to continue. My twin sister got married seven months ago. I got engaged around the same time but don't want to get married yet. My boyfriend earns money at the market. My biggest wish is to go back to school. I talk a lot with Safiya about my future.' Safiya works as a peer educator helping young people meet to talk about marriage, sex and their future in general. Safiya says: 'I feel that things are changing in my village. People are more aware of the disadvantages of getting married at an early age. I hope Hassana will listen to me but she has a mind of her own.'

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Chris de Bode
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