Chris de Bode

Gorga, Tessaoua, Niger

Hawau, 17, (R) and Ayauba Sauley, 20, have been married for two years. Soon after they were wed Hawau gave birth to Kalifa, a boy who is now two. Getting married is a heavy finincial burden for young people. Hawau's parents had to buy the household furniture and other essentials such as the pots and pans that fill the cupboard behind them. Ayauba got help from his brothers to built this room for his bride. It is hard for this couple, like many others, to earn enough money. This year's crop has been bad due to too much rain. There will be tough times ahead of them. Despite the lack of funds they both dream of having a large family. Their children will be their security for the future.

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Chris de Bode
Gorga, Tessaoua
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