Adam Dean

Jia Sheng, Bingzhonglu, Yunnan, China

He Yong Cai, 50, an ethnic Naxi farmer who is also known as Acai, rows his inflatable boat on the Nujiang Riverin order to set out his fishing nets. He used to use a wooden boat but now uses the inflatable one because it is safer and easier to carry. His house is next to a construction project extending a road along the river into Tibet and he says: 'Local superstition says that the tremors from the new road construction is scaring away the fish'. The government has rented his fields to store construction material for the road project paying him 130,000 Yuan (14,610 GBP) over two years. He has more time to fish and plans to buy a car with the proceeds and travel all over the Nujiang River valley fishing. At the moment it is technically illegal to fish as it is spawning season but he has never been caught.

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Adam Dean
Jia Sheng, Bingzhonglu, Yunnan
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