Martin Roemers


Heinz Dembowski (b. 1920 in Germany). 'In the spring of 1943, an Allied landing was expected in Northern Norway. This was to prevent iron ore from being transported to the war industry in Germany. Trenches were being constructed at the airport in the polar region where I was billeted. We were using an explosive charge because the ground was frozen. We waited at a safe distance for the explosion but nothing happened. I went to reconnect it. Just as I was bending over, the charge blew up in my face. That was my fate, which had been predicted four years earlier. In 1939, I was working at a bakery in East Prussia. One of the other bakers was reading his horoscope and I wanted to see what mine was like. My horoscope was all about burns. At the time, I didn't understand how I should interpret this. Now I know that it was the premonition of my fate on 27 March 1943. God willed this to punish me for my sins. I don't want to talk about my sins. That's my secret. But I do know that I deserve my punishment.'

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Martin Roemers
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