Matthew Abbott/Panos Pictures

Surat, Queensland, Australia

Ian White, known as 'Whitey', takes aim at a kangaroo from his vehicle as he hunts on a farmer's property where he has permission to shoot kangaroos. It's in the farmer's interest to cull the kangaroos as it means there will be more grass left for their cattle. The work is very physical and lonely, as 'Whitey' works alone from sundown to shortly before sunrise. Kangaroos must be shot in the head for them to be able to be used as meat. The industry has very strict rules that dictates the process of how the kangaroos are harvested. 'Whitey' has been hunting kangaroos all his life and supplies Warroo Game Meats an Indigenous run business that has been harvesting kangaroos for meat and skins for over 50 years, employing over 30 people. A recent bill introduced into the US House of Representatives proposing to ban the importation of kangaroo products has Australian producers concerned for the future of the industry.

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Matthew Abbott/Panos Pictures
Surat, Queensland
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