Fernando Moleres


Ibrahim Sesay lifts weights in the yard outside the room which he rents from a local family. Women cook food and do housework with their children sitting on the ground. Since coming out of prison he has started working as a motorcycle taxi driver (okada) with a bike lent to him by Free Minor Africa. In August 2009, he was accused of stealing a mobile phone at his school. He was arrested and spent eight days at a police station without being given any food. The police stated that he was 19. In fact, he was only 14 when he was arrested. He was sentenced to 18 months in Freetown's Pademba prison which was built to house 220 inmates and regularly holds more than 1,000. One of the main challenges for juveniles coming out of prison is finding work. The charity Free Minor Africa helps juveniles who have been in trouble with the law reintegrate into society. [The second part of this photographic project was made possible with funds which Fernando Moleres received from the Tim Hetherington Grant in 2012]

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Fernando Moleres
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