Martin Roemers


Irene Kondraschow (German, born in USSR, 1940; maiden name Irene Wulfert), blinded during the Second World War (WWII). "We lived in the Ukraine, near the city of Zaparozje, in a small village inhabited only by Germans. When the Wehrmacht troops came close, our whole village got transported to Kazakhstan. The trip there, by an ox drawn cart and by train, lasted a month. My father was assigned to hard labour in the coal mines. He never returned home. We lived in a stable together with the cattle in the kolkhoz where my mother worked. In March 1944, my mother took me to see newborn lambs. She noticed that I couldn't see them. There was no doctor in the kolkhoz and I was not allowed to go anywhere else to see one. The first time I saw a doctor was in 1950 or 1951. The reason I became blind was vitamin deficiency. This was a result of food shortages during the war. It was too late to do anything about it."

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Martin Roemers
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