Martin Roemers


Ivan Skorobogatov (b. 1924 in the USSR) was blinded during the Second World War (WWII). 'In April 1945 in Berlin, the Germans shot me in both my legs. Because of the gunfire, I was taken to a bomb crater where they laid me down next to the other injured people. An artillery grenade fell close by and the crater filled up with earth. Two of us suffocated in the mud but I was close to the surface and could free myself. I lost most of my eyesight because of that grenade. I used to be able to see people's silhouettes. Now I can only see the sun and whether it's full moon or half-moon. I was a shepherd before the war. After the war, I made string bags in a factory. I was paid eighteen kopeks for each bag and I made ten bags a day. I stopped working when nobody needed string bags anymore. Now I spend the whole day doing nothing. In the summer I sit outside in front of my house. In the winter I sit inside and listen to the television. I've had a rotten life.'

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Martin Roemers
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