Espen Rasmussen

Youngstown, Ohio, USA

James London, AKA Big Jim, with a friend, Ian. Together, they started a neigbourhood watch in Youngstown after Jim moved there following a jail sentence for drug trafficking. 'This neighbourhood was a mess. Drug dealers on the corners, garbage everywhere, abandoned houses and a lot of crime. We have worked hard, cleaning up this area, painting empty houses, demolishing empty buildings creating small parks and so on. Today, this area is actually a lot better', says Big Jim. Hard.Landis a journey through rust belt and blue collar America to meet the people struggling to keep the 'American Dream' alive: the middle class, the unemployed, the new poor, the workers on low or minimum wages and those who have had their benefits cut. Photographer Espen Rasmussen and journalist Roy Freddy Andersen travelled from Chicago to Detroit and on to Youngstown (OH), Beckley (WV), Williamsport (PA), ending their trip in New York. Their journey focuses on ordinary people and the consequences of globalisation, mechanisation and the growing gap between rich and poor in the US. The decline of industries such as car building in Detroit and mining in West Virginia have brought about a shift for millions of workers into low paid service jobs which is changing the social fabric of many parts of the US.

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Espen Rasmussen
Youngstown, Ohio
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