Abbie Trayler-Smith

Bashir, Kirkuk District, Iraq

Jamila Hamid (R), 52, with her mother Yasmine Jasem and daughter at their home in Saadiya.Jamila says: 'We used to have a shop weaving cotton into beds and blankets and pillows. My husband would also repair people's generators. I had a comfortable life with my husband and son. I was happy. The day ISIS came it was 11pm and I was watching TV with my husband. I heard ISIS on the mosque speakers saying Allahu Akbar over and over. I turned to my husband and told him that ISIS were here and he said 'no they're not'. But then we heard the sound of breaking glass as they were damaging political buildings and we knew they were here. I was a little afraid but I had my husband beside me and he told me not to worry and that we would escape. It never crossed my mind that ISIS would reach Saadiya, the city was surrounded by military. I just never thought it could happen.'We locked our doors and stayed in our house. In the morning I saw them they were wearing their uniform, long trousers, Islamic hat and their faces were completely covered except for their eyes. Lots of people were trying to escape but they were stopping them at the checkpoint telling them there's nothing to be afraid of. There was a man who they caught taking pictures of them as they were praying at the mosque and when they were in the market. They killed him. We lived in Saadiya for a month with ISIS in control. We tried to escape but they kept telling people that it was safe here. I tried so many times to escape. I even tried to use my disabled daughter telling them that she needed to go to hospital. But they told me to go back. ISIS didn't do anything things were very normal for most of us. It was only those people who they knew were smoking or drinking that they killed.'

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Abbie Trayler-Smith
Bashir, Kirkuk District
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