Robert Wallis

United States of America, USA

Jeffrey Buddiedub, a former Florida State University (FSU) student, at a 'tailgate party' prior to a big FSU football game. Jeffrey works in IT for Blue Cross (medical insurance) in Washington D.C. Talking about the candidates for the US Presidential election that will be held on 6 November, 2012: 'I'm for business, small business, small government. The people who don't live in Florida voted for Obama. Most people who voted Democrat in Florida were absentee voters. Obama promised a lot of things but delivered nothing. We need someone who understands business. Obama's failed. If a football coach does nothing in four years, he's fired. So Obama should be fired. Bill Clinton's policies in the 90s, giving people mortgages who couldn't afford it, that's what wrecked the economy. I don't believe in any kind of bailout. So many people depend on the government's arm. People come to this country for hopes and dreams and now they're staying here for free cheese and crackers. The Democrats want people to depend on them. The majority of African Americans are unemployed, so they're dependant. Why are they voting Democrat? The Democrats promised them but what have they done for them? With Obamacare, 60 million are going to get taxed. With military spending, it was covered under the budget, but Obamacare was never in the budget. It was imposed on us by a law late at night, at the last minute. Obama has divided the country more than anyone else in our history. He promised hope and change but he did nothing. All that happened was that he and his Chicago cronies pushed this country further to the left. Bush worked across the aisle.'

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