Karla Gachet/Panos Pictures

Los Angeles, California, USA

Jessica Garcia Garcia, 22, at her job at a grocery store in Marina del Rey. One of her jobs is to do 'quick shop' for customers which involves shopping for them and delivering the groceries directly to their cars so they don't have to come inside the store.

When the pandemic started Jessica was attending UC Santa Cruz and had to pack up her belongings and leave the dorms to come back to her parents in Los Angeles. After some hurdles involving moving the family to a smaller house in order to make rent, she got a job at a grocery store to help out her parents with their bills. Her father had been laid off one of his jobs and his hours got cut in half at the other. She was afraid to work but didn't have a choice because needed to contribute to her family's economy.

Jessica came to the US when she was six years old. Her father left Mexico when she was six years old, he came to visit when she was five and her and her sister where scared of him because they weren't growing up with him. Her mother gave him three choices: go back to the states and forget we exist, come back and live with us or send for us so we can all live in the US. Her father sent for them a month later and for Jessica coming here was always about reuniting with her dad. She learned English very quickly and became an honour student throughout middle and high school. She currently studies Sociology with a minor in Education at UC Santa Cruz and her goal is to become a mentor to someone who is a first generation student.

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Karla Gachet/Panos Pictures
Los Angeles, California
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