Chris de Bode


John is 16 years old. He was playing with his friend Gideon in a field when the insurgents came to their village. They saw from a distance how militants were going from door-to-door looking for boys. They knew they couldn't go back, so they ran together. After hiding in the bush for a while, they took an abandoned bike and rode as fast as they could. They joined a group of other IDPs and ended up in Saint Theresa. Gideon's mother arrived after a few months but none of John's family members came. It is difficult for the boy to talk about his family. He misses them so much. He is alone and has no idea how his parents, brothers and sisters are doing. Fortunately, Gideon's mother looks after him as well now. He studies a lot, to escape from his depressed thoughts. The pastor gave him a packet of books and notebooks. These are his only possessions. He wants to serve in the army, so he can protect his village.

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Chris de Bode
Not available in the Netherlands and Germany.
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