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Jonathan Hill used to be in a rock band in LA, but now lives in Lake Worth, Florida. In the 70s his band had a million dollar record deal that fell through when band members left. He played acoustic, electric lead, keyboard, drums, and writes material. On the rock career: 'God had different plans. He pulled me out. He didn't want me to die or to live in sin. Now I play gospel music. I'm very convicted in my convictions. We need more about love, more sharing in this world. I'm on food stamps. I make USD 700 a month but I still help feed homeless people through my church. (First Baptist Church of Lake Worth). We're trying to create a feeling and aura of love. We're trying to do what God wants us to do.' Talking about the upcoming presidential election: 'There's a problem with both candidates. Romney is a businessman, hooked up with the richest people in the world. But Obama has never brought up anything about God. If God is not in this country, then it won't continue, it will never make it. When Romney brought up God, then that tipped the balance. That's what swayed me. God is moving us through these difficult times to prepare us for what comes next. I believe the End Times are coming, but they're not here yet. As a Christian I can not morally support anyone who's for abortion because it is murder, or anyone who supports same sex marriage. It's biblical, God said marriage is between a man and a woman. Everything comes from Scripture. Romney is not a saint but he believes marriage is a sacred thing, that's why it's called Holy Matrimony. The Democratic party has tried to take God out if this country. We want to put God back.'

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