Martin Roemers


Karl Chromik (born in Germany, 1922), a blinded veteran from the Second World War (WWII).
"All of a sudden, everything turned black. I was not in pain but I felt something on my chest. I heard a friend say 'Karl is not going to make it'. I had a vision: I was on a fluffy cloud soaring up in the sky. I heard harp music and I saw stars and a gate. Then it was gone and I regained consciousness. This all happened on my birthday, November 28th 1942, between Don Bogen and Stalingrad. We wanted to run away, but we couldn't because the Russians had surrounded us. There were planes, tanks and artillery. I was heavily wounded and blinded by splinters. My mother had told me 'Son, come home, it doesn't matter how'. I received treatment for 9 years and underwent surgery for my leg, chest and stomach 38 times. But life goes on, and I am happy. I like to walk in the park. Nature is the best medicine for me, he who enjoys nature has the will to live. I play chess with myself or with the staff of the retirement home where I live. I always try to meet new people, I think that is important. But I stay away from the women because I like my peace and quiet."

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Martin Roemers
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