Jan Banning

Dickson, nr kasiya, Malawi

Left: 2005, Immaculata Attanazio is a widow and at 67 the eldest villager. She can recall so many famine yeares that she cannot count them on the fingers of both her hands. The 1949 famine was the worst. There was no home without dead. The bags behind her contain almost her entire harvest of maize flour and beans. Two sacks of groundnuts sit elsewhere in the room and she is worried for her survival.

Right: 2015, Kameri Tembwe (circa 77), and still the oldest person in Dickson.

The village of Dickson contains 55 households and some 300 inhabitants. In 2005 photographer Jan Banning and writer Dick Wittenburg spent two extended stays in the village interviewing its people and photographing them in their homes as part of a project on poverty. They returned to Dickson in 2015 to see how the villagers had fared in the intervening years which had seen the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals.

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Jan Banning
Dickson, nr kasiya
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