Mark Henley

Boston, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom

Lillo (L) talking with a Lithuanian customer who is waiting for his fellow countryman to have his hair cut. 'I'm Boston's first immigrant, I came from Italy in 1965, and I married an English girl ... I voted remain - but people didn't understand; they look at the difficulty to get a doctor's appointment, they look at the lack of police, the lack of services and they think its all because of immigration, they see drunk people in the street, but sometimes its English guys like across the street the other day.' Meanwhile Matt the Lithuanian, who has a local girlfirend, thinks the English are finally waking up: 'They should have woken up ages ago,' though he doesn't know what will happen to himself post-Brexit. Meanwhile, Ben, cutting hair, is local, didn't vote because he wasn't sure, and still isn't. Boston was the UK district which had the highest leave vote in the 2016 referendum with 75.6% per cent of the popular vote on a high turnout of 77.2%.

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Mark Henley
Boston, Lincolnshire, England
United Kingdom
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