Chris de Bode

Kabul, Afghanistan

Maheen (not her real name), 12, has her Eureka-moment.

'I really like school, we have very good teachers and I really like them. I don't really play when I'm at home, I can't really go outside as I'm not really allowed. But sometimes my best friend comes over, she lives across the alley. When I'm at home, I do my homework and I help my mother in the house, doing chores. I do the dishes, the laundry or I sweep the house, sometimes I help to cook by making the fries. And I help my little brothers and sisters. At night I watch TV. One of the books that was donated by Save the Children is about a young boy who helps the king. He makes sure thieves are arrested, he is loyal to his king and to himself. And in the end, he gets to be the king because the King really trusts him. I like the loyalty in that story, and the fact that he is good to others. If poor people knock at your door, you don't keep it shut. You open the door and feed them, you share what you have. Doing good brings good things. I want to be a teacher, a mathematics teacher to be precise. Because I want to help the poor children, and make them wiser. I really look up to my teachers, they are smart people. I would like to be like them. Before the books of Save the Children came, I only had one book, which was a study book. Now we have more books and I really like reading, When I finish a book, I tell the stories to my friends at school. One of the stories I also liked, was about a girl that was not allowed to go to school. Her father got into a debt with one of his business partners but the girl didn't believe it. At night when everybody was asleep, she re-did the calculations and it turned out that he father didn't owe money but it actually was the other way around: his business partner owed HIM money. At first, the father didn't believe her, but he went to her teachers and they did the calculations also and said the girl was right. At that point, the father was happy and he realised that it is go

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