George Georgiou

Studenica, KOSOVO

Maksut Gorqaj.
He was asked to describe his memories of the 1999 war, when the whole population of the ethnic Albanian village of Studenica were forced to flee the fighting.
"I spent three days in the snow in the mountains behind the village when the Serb military and paramilitaries were attacking the village. I got ill from lying in the snow and then in the factory [refugee] camp in Albania the conditions were very damp. This has caused me long term problems with my health.
Since I've been back in the village I don't feel I've had two good days in a row. I go to work as a butcher in Istok every day, but I have a lot of problems with my breathing, so I never really feel well. I'm lucky to have this job, I have eight children to feed on my salary. Three of my children are old enough to work but there isn't any work for them here. What can we do, we just survive."

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George Georgiou
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