Tommy Trenchard

Kawah Ijen, Java, Indonesia

Miskadi, a 36 year old miner, uses a metal pole to brake off lumps of sulphur inside the Ijen crater. The sulphur is red when hot, turning yellow as it cools. More than 200 people come here daily to collect sulphur, which occurs naturally in volcanic emissions. After filling their baskets with more than their own bodyweight of the chemical element, the miners must lug their haul back up the steep sides of the crater. The work is gruelling and can lead to health issues including respiratory problems caused by toxic gases in the crater and back and leg pain from the climb. The mineral is processed locally and used in the manafacture of sugar, fireworks, cosmetics and matches among other things. The miners can earn around 8.00 GBP (USD12) per day.

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Tommy Trenchard
Kawah Ijen, Java
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