Fernando Moleres


Mohamed Conteh washes himself in the wharf area of Freetown. He doesn't have running water at home and has to go to a communal place to wash and pick up drinking water. Next to where he is washing a group of pigs is picking through a heap of rubbish. At age 14 Conteh was arrested and accused of posessing marijuana. Without family to help, he would have had to serve his full sentence but a foster family came up with the 100,000 leones (EUR 25) to get him released from jail. After his release he entered a rehabilitation programme funded by Free Minor Africa, a charity which helps juveniles that have been in trouble with the law to reintegrate into society, and is now taking driving lessons to get a license. [The second part of this photographic project was made possible with funds which Fernando Moleres received from the Tim Hetherington Grant in 2012]

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Fernando Moleres
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