Sean Sutton / MAG

Xieng Khouang Province, LAOS

Mrs Paya lost four children and her husband in an accident involving unexploded ordnance (UXO) a month earlier. "It was in the late afternoon. We were all outside. My husband was chopping wood with the children. His axe hit something under the ground and there was an explosion. I was sitting with my baby not far away. I was hit with shrapnel. So was my baby in my arms. She was killed. There were bodies and bits everywhere. I have lost everyone and everything except one son." Mrs Paya and her husband had chopped wood at the same place next to their house many times before. A neighbour's two children were also killed.
Decades on, Laos is still living with the effects of the Vietnam war. Millions of bombs were dropped by US aircraft in Laos in an attempt to destroy the supply lines of North Vietnamese forces. Many remain deadly, with frequent accidents involving unexploded ordnance (UXO).

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Sean Sutton / MAG
Xieng Khouang Province
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