George Georgiou

Studenica, KOSOVO

Muhamed Ramqaj with two of his sons.
He was asked to describe his memories of the 1999 war, when the whole population of the ethnic Albanian village of Studenica were forced to flee the fighting.
"When we returned to the village after the war it was terrible to see such destruction and I was full of grief to discover that two of my brothers had been killed. Suleyman, who was the village hodji was killed in the village and thrown into a well, were he remained for three months until we found him. I then spent an anxious month trying to found out about my other brother, Sadic. Eventually we found out from a witness that he had been tied to a tree for six days, that was the last time he was seen. He is still missing, we know he is dead.
I hope the Serbs never come back, never; they killed my brothers and burnt our houses, they only know how to destroy. Now we think only of independence, no one can take it from us, Milosevic tried and failed. When we get it, it will be like a big wedding across Kosovo."

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George Georgiou
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