Natia (33) sitting on a jetty on a forest lake close to her cabin in the small village of Drangedal in Norway. She survived the terrorist attack carried out by Anders Breivik on the island of Utoya while she was attending an AUF (Workers' Youth League) political camp in July 2011. She is from Kutaisi in Georgia and was invited as an international guest to the AUF camp on with her best friend. The friend was killed in the attack. Natia now lives in Norway and works with diversity, integration and equality. She is married and has a son.

'In the past ten years, I have used a lot of energy to distance myself from everything that is connected with July 22, including political and social involvement. But you cannot escape your experiences with silence. Then you end up in a constant battle with denial and do not manage to move on.'

Her advice to herself: 'You cannot change what happened on Utoya by escaping from everything and everyone who reminds you of that day. July 22 will be with you no matter where you are - in Georgia or in Norway. You will realise that what happened was not a natural disaster, but a hateful act. Your openness and your commitment, like everyone else's, count in the fight to prevent something similar from happening again.'

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