Abbie Trayler-Smith

Hassan Sham Camp, Iraq

Neda Mohammed, 42, with one of her daughter Fatima, seven. They arrived the day before from Hai Samar in Mosul after fleeing the ongoing battle.

Neda says: "We hope they can clear our neighbourhood and we can return. I want to be safe with my kids. My son is in Belgium. I want to go there. If they ask me to be president or be at this camp with my son I would prefer to be here with him. He is a journalist, a TV producer in Mosul, he escaped a year ago. My husband is a cameraman. Everything is lost. There were bombs near our house but we managed to escape at the last minute. If you see our situation here in the camp it is really bad but at least we are safe. Life was hard. Women can't go out alone and we were forced to wear black suits from head to toe. We didn't try to escape, we were too afraid ISIS would kill us. My kids haven't been to school for two years. I didn't want to send them because their lessons involved killing, shooting, death. For example in Maths, 1 death plus 1 death equals 2 deaths, 2 bombs + 2 bombs = 4 bombs etc. Some of our neighbours continued to send their kids to school so I saw what they were teaching. 4 guns + 4 guns = 8 guns. With the TV, if they found out you were watching it they would kill you. The ISIS women, at first they were respectful but then they began breaking in and scanning you to check for sim cards. If you are found with a mobile phone or a sim card they will slice your head off with a big knife like an animal. They have abbatoirs where they are killing people who have a phone, slicing their throat and hanging them upside down. They showed us videos to scare us. One of my family, a very beautiful girl, was married to a political man. Isis took the man (because he was running the town council) to a big hole in Mosul, Khasfa, and killed him there. Then they took the girl and stoned her to death because she refused to marry with an ISIS man."

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Hassan Sham Camp
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