Andrea Gjestvang

Bolu, Turkey

Negin's father, Amin, her mother Zahra and her younger brother Ramtin (10) are waiting for an answer from the UN. They have applied for registration as resettlement (quota) refugees by the UNHCR and their dream is that Norway will offer them resettlement.Negin (15, not in the picture) fled from Iran with her mother, father and brother Ramtin (10) because of political persecution. They came to Norway in 2009 and applied for asylum. They were settled in Farsund in southern Norway. In Iran they had been active in the political opposition and lived as secular Muslims. In Farsund they converted to the Pentecostal Church and the father started a missionary blog. In 2014 the were deported back to Iran where they feared for their lives as they had converted to Christianity. They decided to flee their country again and made their way to Turkey with the help of human traffickers. In Turkey they applied for protection under UNHCR as quota (or resettlement) refugees - refugees who can't be resettled permanently in the country where they are living and are offered resettlement in a third country. In the meantime they are living in Bolu. The children are not going to school and the parents are not allowed to work. The Pentecostal Church in Farsund is covering their living expenses and friends are paying for Negin's swimming excercise.

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Andrea Gjestvang
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