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Los Angeles, California, USA

Noraney Ocampo poses with her family on June 12th, 2020, at her house in Los Angeles, CA. She got emotional even though it was done virtually. She says the biggest challenge of virtual teaching is to keep students engaged. She sees her role as a teacher essential but also thinks its important the students could talk to her about their fears of the pandemic. 96% of the students at her school are Latinx.

Noraney Ocampo, 38 years old, is a middle school teacher at "Para los Niños" school in Los Angeles. She came to the USA at the age of 10. Her mom told her and her siblings they were taking trip to Disneyland. They later realized it was a permanent thing. In high School she realized she couldn't apply to financial aid to go to college because she was undocumented. She went through college getting all the scholarships she could, and when she graduated she realized she couldn't work because she didn't have any papers. For eight years she worked at a restaurant not being able to work as a teacher and then DACA was approved and she was able to work in her profession. She thinks its really important for students to have Spanish speaking teachers who they can relate to and who can connect with the parents and let them know about their kid's progress.

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