Ko Myo/Panos Pictures

Thar Paung, Irrawaddy, Myanmar (Burma)

Police and vets from Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE) inpect theremains of an elephant that reveals poison used by poachers to incapacitate the 25-year-old male wild elephant that was killed and skinned the day before in the Chaung Tha forest reserve. The inspection showed that the poachers first shot the elephant with a poison dart, then cut his hind legs with a knife to maim him and make him fall on his knees instead of on his side. If the elephant fell onto its side the poachers would lose half of the skin. Poisoning with darts loaded with widely available herbicides is a common method used by poachers to kill elephants.

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Ko Myo/Panos Pictures
Thar Paung, Irrawaddy
Myanmar (Burma)
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