Kieran Dodds

Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom

Robert Wagstaff, 48.'I used the foodbank [twice]... last week and first used it on September 23 last year. I was sanctioned at the time. I never heard about it until last year. I've been sanctioned a couple of times [when benefits are stopped, which can be due to a number of reasons]. I was due to be paid on Wednesday but wasn't paid so went to Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). I've got a bad back and suffer from depression. Its an old motorbike injury from when I was a teenager, my back is away. Eight or nine years ago I did landscape gardening part time 16-30 hours a week. I ended up losing my house through rent arrears. I ended up homeless, on the streets. I was sleeping rough plenty of times for 3 years. What was it like? Like hell. I was down and out, really bad. I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy. That was the hardest time in my life. Foodbank is a blessing for people like myself. I can't take medication [for depression] without food. I have seen people up there with little children. People look at food bankers like they're old junkies but its normal, people like myself who have got no choice. You can't afford to live these days. I remember 10-15 years ago I could get 20 of shopping to last me a fortnight, but now it would be lucky if it lasted 3 days. The cost of living has gone up but what the government gives you is going nowhere. Doesn't cover the electricity and gas bills. There are a few I know around here who use the foodbank. Every time I go in I see someone different not necessarily from this area but further afield. If you miss one appointment they can sanction your for 6 weeks. I've known people to get sanctioned for months.... I've been depressed for years, since my mum passed away because we were really close, 25 years ago. I'm from Mansfield, Nottingham and travelled around England working then to Paisley.. I would like the government to actually be a bit more considerate for people like us. Jobs are very hard to find these days. You barely get enough to pay your rent and council tax so would still need to use a foodbank I feel happy for the help but I feel kind of embarrassed sometimes. I've always been independent. You walk out and you see people looking at you. Ah, look at that scrounging If it wasn't for food banks there would be a lot more people destitute. There still is. It's harder for families with kids. Having meal as a family is really important to me. I'm trying to get hold of a dining table at the moment. I've got the chairs but just need the table It's tough sometimes, really tough. I remember years ago when life was so easy. See now, you wake up and think What's today going to be like?'. You just don't know whats round the corner.'

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Kieran Dodds
Paisley, Scotland
United Kingdom
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