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Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Rohingya refugees Fatima Khatun (25) with her five year old daughter Yeasamin Akter, and four month old Tawhid Uddin. They fled their village of Chorpara Rasidong because, as Fatima says, ''The military people were torturing people.'' She adds that her husband was made a slave, the mosques and madrassas were closed down, people were not allowing marriage and ''the pretty women and girls were raped in front of parents and brothers. I've been witnessing our lack of freedom since I was a teenager'', she says. Finally they were forced to leave when the military started burning the houses in their village. When the fire reached their house Yeasamin was still inside. Fatima rushed to her when she heard her screaming. She saved her from the flames but not before her leg and buttocks were badly burnt. Now they are settled in the refugee camp, but life is not easy: ''Here there is no peace as we don't have our own land, our own people, and our country'', says Fatima. The loss they have suffered haunts Fatima. What particularly worries her, in this culture where a woman must get married, is the difficult future her daughter will face: ''A few days back I lost consciousness from thinking about what happened. They destroyed her life. If it was a son I could get over that, but because she's a girl they have destroyed her life. As we don't have any money or land somehow we need to get our daughter married...''

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Cox's Bazar
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