Matthew Abbott/Panos Pictures

Crawford County, Pennsylvania, USA

Ross (24), dressed for hunting at his home in Cochranton.

Ross has been hunting since he was a child. ''Lots of people think, it's about killing. It's not, it's a lifestyle. I like the adrenaline, the thrill, the challenge.'' Ross lives with his parents and his brother in one house, he does all the work on the dead animals in the garage. Most of the times, he goes hunting by himself. ''What do you do, if you don't hunt?'', ''I fish.''

His grandfather took Ross on his first hunting trip when he was six years old. Ross was ten, when he first hold a gun while hunting. He hasn't spoken to his grandfather in years, because his grandfather thought, Ross had stolen some of his guns. ''When they found out, who really did it, he still didn't apologise.'' Just recently, Ross found out that his grandfather has cancer in his throat. He says, he will try to make amends this week.

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Matthew Abbott/Panos Pictures
Crawford County, Pennsylvania
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