Martin Roemers


Rudolf Soeder (born in Germany, 1924), a blinded veteran from the Second World War (WWII).
"I did not want to be a soldier at all. They told us 'You have to defend Germany'. But we were in Norway, the Caucasus and in the Crimea. Those were not our borders, were they? But I had no choice and I was sent to Russia. In 1943 we withdrew to the Crimea. We were surrounded by the Russians in Sevastopol. When I was searching for hideouts in case they invaded the city, they started firing artillery shells. Most of them fell in the water but one of them exploded near me and made me blind.
After the war I became a creative wood-worker. I made dishes and plates. It took me three times as long as normal and I did not sell much. Times were hard economically and the people wanted bacon and eggs, not art. After that, I was a phone operator for a company for 34 years.
I returned to the Crimea with my wife in 1994. All the images came back to me. I stood on the same spot as I had 50 years before. When I stood there as a 20 year old I was looking at the sea, and thinking 'What am I doing here? This land does not belong to us!' I just wanted to swim away."

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Martin Roemers
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