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Santa Catarina Leaf Frog (Phrynomedusa appendiculata). A specimen in the collection of the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. FMNH catalogue no. 83270. Conservation status: near threatened. This individual was identified as a Spiny-knee Leaf Frog (Phrynomedusa fimbriata) when sent to the Field Museum in 1959 by collector and herpetologist Werner Bokermann. A recent examination of this specimen confirmed that it is not a Spiny-knee Leaf Frog but is actually the closely related Santa Catarina Leaf Frog. Cooperation between Field Museum curators and researchers in Brazil brought the new identification to light, emphasizing the ongoing nature of work in collections. The Spiny-knee Leaf Frog is considered extinct with the first and only specimen ever found dating from 1898. A live Santa Catarina Leaf Frog has not been documented since 1970, yet the species is not considered extinct despite not being found in over four decades.

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