Teun Voeten/Panos Pictures

Los Angeles, California, USA

Scotty, a homeless crystal meth addict, injects a five dollar bag. He says he 'slams three dimes of meth a day', street slang for injecting 30 USD of crystal meth. He makes money selling items such as needles, given out by charities. At the needle exchange, he sometimes gets a bag of 40 needles. He only uses four himself, and sells the rest for one dollar a piece.

Thousands of homeless people camp out in the centre of Los Angeles, in an area of about 50 blocks. In greater Los Angeles, there are 70,000 homeless people, who have set up tents under bridges and on exits and entrances of the freeway and highway system.

Mentally illness and substance abuse are rampant, crystal meth (methamphetamine) is available in five dollar bags and has taken over crack as the drug of choice for many of the homeless.

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Teun Voeten/Panos Pictures
Los Angeles, California
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