Frederic Noy/Panos Pictures

Dzaipi, Adjumani, Uganda

South Sudanese refugee Athieng Agok (19) with her baby, Nyaring Pahchol, who was born in the bush three weeks earlier as Agok was fleeing fighting in Bor. Nyaring means 'running' in Dinka and many of the babies in the Dzaipi transit centre have this name. When Agojk went into labour a nurse was with her but she got scared and left leaving Agok's mother to deliver the baby beneath a tree at midnight after a day's labour. Agok doesn't know where her husband is, he fled in a different direction, to Golia. She spoke to him at the border to tell him he had a son but then the network cut out. When she reached Dzaipi her uncle gave her a tent for her and the baby to sleep in. This is her first child and she has been married for one year. Her mother gave birth to Athieng in the bush while fleeing fighting in 1991 during the civil war.

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Frederic Noy/Panos Pictures
Dzaipi, Adjumani
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