Robert Wallis


Steve Baughan, a private security contractor who served in an airborne division in Iraq, and a leading member of the St. Augustine Florida Tea Party. 'Half of Americans want Obama because they are voting with their wallets. They want to ride in the wagon rather than pulling the wagon down the road. If we vote him in for 4 more years, there'll be economic collapse. The other half will be over-taxed and have to close up shop. They'll be riding in the wagon with everyone else. And you know what? The wagon won't be rolling down the road anywhere. It will be like Mad Max, but magnified because there are many, many more guns in America than in Australia. It's going to get rough if the wagon stops rolling. It will
be pitchforks and heads on a stake. We're all asleep. But the real America just woke up. I've been at war. I served in Iraq twice. I've seen people at their best; I've seen them at their worst. I'm a pretty good judge of people. The true measure of a man is not his bank account nor the car he drives. It's what he's willing to die for. It's what he's willing to kill for. The people who stand in the arena and fight the good fight are the real Americans. It's time to get on God's side. It's time to deal with all the slings and arrows life throws at you. I encourage you to get out of the
stands and stand in the arena with us. They say we're against the President because he's black. If there's a racist, it's Obama. He says he's black but there's nothing black about him. He's got a Harvard law degree. Lots of doors
have been opened to him because he's a mulatto. Obama is a Marxist. He would be a great leader for Venezuela or Cuba. He thin

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