Chris de Bode

Barami, Kabul, Afghanistan

Tahmina (not her real name), 13, with one of the many trophies she has won.

'I'm quite proud of my father, he really can cook very well. Sometimes he cooks for us, real Afghan food like Palau. My mother takes care of the house. I've been going to school since I was 8, and it's really nice. I like the teachers, the books, the lessons. I think I like the language lessons the best, Dari language is my favourite. When I'm at home, sometimes I write for fun. Stories, or poems, whichever comes to mind. I read poems as well, when I'm done with my homework. They can be religious poems about our prophet and his good deeds.I have a few older sisters to hang out with, but when they are not at home I do the dishes and sweep the house. At home I never play, but sometimes I play with my friends at school. I do sports though, I like volleyball and I did running. Sometimes I wish I was the best volleyball player in the world but I guess that will not happen in real life. In real life I think I want to be a heart-doctor, but only because I can't be both. The trophies in the office of the principal are partly mine. The big cup I got for mathematics, and one of the medals I won while running. I even got to be on national television when I got the medal in the centre of Kabul. One of the books of Save the Children I really liked, was called Eligible for a Prize. It's about champion-girls: the teacher gives them a challenge to do good work outside. The one who does best will get a prize. Two girls decide to use their 3 months of holiday for giving classes to the girls of a village in the rural area. When they come back the teacher says: you are real champions.
What I like best about that story, is that the girls pass on their ambition to the girls in the village, while at the same time reach their own goals. It strengthens me in achieving my goals and I think it is right they got the trophy in the book.'

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Chris de Bode
Barami, Kabul
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