Paul Smith


The abandoned and padlocked home of Cecilia Ardilla. The town of San Blas was occupied by paramilitaries for a number of years and served as their capital where they held court unchallenged by the Colombian military. Peasants would be summoned or brought to the town, from where paramilitary leaders of the BCB (Central Bolivar Block) would rule, solve disputes and interrogate suspects. Many peasants brought here were tortured and forcibly disappeared. Cecilia, a 32 year-old-woman was last seen when she left at three in the afternoon to go to the fields and bring some yucca from the farm that the family had on the outskirts of the town. At six, when she had not arrived home, her husband and three children were concerned. Night fell and the hours advanced, but there was no sign of Cecilia. The husband, his two daughters and son in tow, began to ask if anyone had seen the children's mother. The next day they searched & searched, and the next and the next, but she did not appear. Around a week later word came that they had found a body on a farm. The family went to the farm, and there they confirmed, that Cecilia had been found. Locals tell that her eyes had been gouged out, and her belly had been slit open from the chest to 'there below'. The husband and locals lifted the doubled-up body of Cecilia from the little hole and brought her to town. After the burial the children & the husband went and never returned to San Blas.

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Paul Smith
Sab Blas
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