Dieter Telemans

Muynak, Aral Sea, UZBEKISTAN

The Berdakhov family, dry seed cotton pickers. Oskinbay Berdakhov (82) has been blind since 1975, but in his mind he can picture how he spent 40 years producing cotton for his kolkhoz in Chimbay, along the Amu Darya river. Always on time, he says proudly, 120 hectares and 240 tonnes a year. The annual, extremely strict plan for cotton production saw to it that the canals of thousands of cotton producers, such as Oskinbay, absorbed so much water that the Amu Darya could no longer reach the Aral Sea. The drying up of the river is still continuing. The three Berdakkhov sons have seen the straight-line irrigated canals of their father turn into muddy streams. When less water came from the Amu Darya, the salt precipitation increased and production declined, says the mother Khaticha (71). She offered tea, brewed with boiled water from the canals. Khatichas daughter-in-law, Marruza, is having more and more problems with her thyroid gland, as there is not enough iodine in the water. After f

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Dieter Telemans
Muynak, Aral Sea
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