Andrew McConnell

Tripoli, Lebanon

Awatef, 25, pictured with her daughter Sabah, two, in their home in Tripoli, Lebanon. Six months earlier, Awatef was giving her young children a bath outside her house in Homs (Syria) when she heard shelling; she grabbed her children and ran inside, 'the second I put my first leg inside the house I couldn't feel the other one as I fell to the ground', recalls the twenty five year old, 'my mother in law took my children and held my leg, the only thing keeping it in place was the skin.' In the hospital, they immediately amputated her leg and after a month of recovery she came to Lebanon with her children to stay with her parents and her sister who were already there. She spent the first month after her injury in tears refusing food days at a time. In Lebanon her parents took her to see Dr. Ahmad who works with UNHCR partner WRF (World Rehabilitation Fund) and a month later she walked for the first time in half a year. 'It was very hard to walk with the prosthetic leg, but I was so happy, now I keep practicing so it is getting easier', said the mother of two. Her mother then added 'she used to stay at home all the time, now she is always out walking around, the more she walks the more she feels better.'

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Andrew McConnell
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