Shiho Fukada

Shizuoka, Japan

The front of a blood stained pair of long underpants. It formed part of the evidence against Iwao Hakamada. It was found inside a miso tank at the factory where he worked. Courtesy by Shimizu Shizuoka citizen group supporting Iwao Hakamada.
Iwao Hakamada (b. 1936) was arrested in August 1966 at the age of 30 for the murder of a company president, Fujio Hashimoto, his wife and their two children. He was sentenced to death in 1968 and spent 45 of the following 48 years on death row, with a total of 44 years in solitary confinement. This makes him the longest serving death row inmate. Over the decades it has emerged that prosecutors may have changed some of the evidence materials and in 2007 one of the three judges who convicted Hakamada came out in his support, saying that he believed in his innocence and was unable to convince the two other judges at the time. Hakamada's sister Hideko has campaigned for her brother's release for over 40 years and on 27 March 2014 Iwao Hakamada was released from prison, pending a retrial which is expected to acquit him.

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Shiho Fukada
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