Chris de Bode/Panos Pictures

Gbandengue Health facility, Central African Republic

The nutritional health officer's (Rufin) table at the Gbandengue clinic. On the table is a health register and notebook, stethoscope, CAR flag, official stamp with ink and pens and a photograph of Selefio Stanislas, the previous director of the facility who died recently. The clinic serves 6000 people including just over a thousand children under five. Stanislas died suddenly at the age of 46. His legacy lives on with Rufin who says, 'I feel sad because we shared the same office, and now his chair is empty. But that doesn't stop me doing the work. It would have been his wish for us to continue.' In each location that Chris de Bode visited he created a still life. He asked the clinic staff to select objects that were important to them to create the photograph. This is one of a series of still lifes telling the story of this post-conflict region in CAR.

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Chris de Bode/Panos Pictures
Gbandengue Health facility
Central African Republic
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