Robin Hammond/Panos Pictures

Beddawi Refugee Camp, Tripoli, Lebanon

The Ramadan family, Syrian refugees from Homs, together in a crowded apartment in Beddawi Palestinian refugee camp. They came to Lebanon in 2013. 17 people, including 12 children, from four families share the same house. Their house in Homs lay between frontlines, on one side the Syrian regime on the other The Free Syrian Army. ''There was shelling around the clock, everyday, by air, by tanks, troops. Our house got hit but no one was in the room and no one got hurt'', says Fatima Ramadan. ''We got used to going to sleep to the sound of the bombing'', says Mustafa Ramadan. ''I saw a lot of dead bodies. I saw a lady and a little girl with her daughter on their way to fill water at a nearby castle. They were both shot in the back. I saw it with my own eyes.'' ''How can we forget what happened to us. It is always on your mind'', he says.

''We still have a problem of nightmares, kids peeing their pants, memories of the war. I hear some the children talking to themselves in their sleep about the war, and they wake up crying'' ''Life was so hard over there. We came to Lebanon to escape the misery but we find we are suffering here. Our men cannot find work. We have a problem to keep the peace among the children. They fight amongst each other all the time over the bathroom, they fight over everything. I can see the war very negatively affected the kids, they used to have more fun, those days are over'' , says Raghada El Masri (32).

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Robin Hammond/Panos Pictures
Beddawi Refugee Camp, Tripoli
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