Chris de Bode


Three families from different backgrounds living together in the suburb of Yola town. They share a kitchen and bathroom in the courtyard. The room on the right is home to IDP family Samuel, his brother Vincent, aunt Esther and her children Imdaji (20), Chaem(14) and Lucy. The room in the middle belongs to IDPs Agnes (73) and Nancy (13) and the one on the left to Mrs Rose and Oliver who were born and raised in Yola. They already lived in their apartment when the IDPs came to join them. Oliver is honest about the new situation: 'I understand that many came to us to escape the violence. They are most welcome and I help them in every way I can. I gave all sorts of items to my neighbours. The only problem is, that their presence here also makes live more difficult for the hosts. Rents and food prices have gone up and the low wage jobs are being given to IDPs instead of our own people. So people who are from this area originally are unemployed.
Oliver: 'I feel sorry for Samuel. He has been sick since he saw his father being killed. The doctors can't find what is causing this.

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Chris de Bode
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