Nora Lorek

Storvik, SWEDEN

Tom Laukka and Pia Akerlund stand outside their house near Storvik. 'I started working as a driver when I was 20. Truck, taxi, all sorts. Now, unfortunately, I have been incapacitated and unable to work for fifteen years.' They struggle with the amount of noise from the road next to the house, the E16, which has a 90 km per hour speed limit. They've been hoping for a noise barrier for a long time. 'If this were a densely populated area we would have got one right away. Now we're getting nothing because we are closer than the nine metre mandated distance to get a noise barrier built. We would build it ourselves but how are we supposed to do that without a grant?' Their window facing the road is cracked in many places from all the accidents that have happened in the dangerous curve near the house - the latest one taking out the electric switchboard leaving them without power for a week. Pia is also on incapacity benefit (SEK 6,500 - USD 710 per month). 'It's impossible nowadays to afford food, accommodation, glasses and dentists. I have to save a little each month for the next dentist visit and have a clothing account of SEK 400 (42 USD) per year. If I managed my finances as the state manages Sweden, we would be bankrupt now.' Yet, she is most worried about what is happening in the rest of Sweden at the moment. 'Look at this summer and the drought all over the country. And people still deny climate change? We like to point the finger but we take no responsibility ourselves. I hardly recognise Sweden with these Nazi currents. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech, it's pure hate and fear.'

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Nora Lorek
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