Nora Lorek


Tove Strander wearing traditional dress, on a meadow near her step-mother's house in Ullvi. She is visiting from Stockholm, where she lives, for the midsummer celebrations in the village. This part of Sweden is famous for its traditional way of celebrating midsummer which includes the raising of the maypole and traditional dances around the pole. 'When I tell people I'm from Sweden, I often hear people saying - they seem to have their shit together - meaning that there's an idea behind most of what is being done and that we are at the forefront of working on social issues and justice.'Tove is proud of what she feels Sweden stands for; a collective based on solidarity. 'It is clear that you can perceive Sweden as a bit square and boring, but at the same time that's how it works best.' At the same time she feels that 'it's sad to see the large amount of hate speech and the tone of the debate. Some things you simply can't say in 280 characters, even less understand' referring to the maximum amount of characters allowed on Twitter.

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