Nyani Quarmyne/Panos Pictures

Bielefeld, Germany

Yasemin Turkekole whose two older sisters, Ipek and Aylin, were born with sickle cell disease. Aylin was cured though the transplantation of stem cells donated by Yasemin. Though healthy now, Aylin suffered life-threatening complications in the year after the procedure. Ipek presently manages the disease through a routine of regular exchange blood transfusions during which a portion of her blood is withdrawn, sickled cells are separated from blood plasma, and then the plasma is reinfused together with healthy red blood cells from a donor. While this may not be a long-term solution, and although Yasemin is also a donor match for Ipek, their sister's experience has made Ipek hesitant to undergo a stem cell transplant herself.

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Nyani Quarmyne/Panos Pictures
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